Family Trip Policy

Please take the time to read the policy of Arrive Africa Safaris’ services that apply specifically to children. This policy is an extension of the Arrive Africa terms of service.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.


  1. Age Restrictions

1.1 Whereas most accommodations and safaris do welcome travelers of all ages, there are some that do impose some restrictions on age. Arrive Africa Safaris will inform you whether your selected trip has any such restrictions on age, whether imposed by the accommodation or for some activities on the safari.


  1. Restricted Activities

2.1 Some activities on a safari might come with age restrictions, as already mentioned earlier. For example, one of the major tourist experiences – Gorilla Trekking, comes with a minimum age restriction of 15 years. Only travelers 15 years and over can participate in this activity.

In cases where a family is traveling with teenagers, Arrive Africa Safaris will provide alternative activities that will be equally exciting to keep the teenagers occupied while the rest of the family/group complete any age restricted activities.


  1. Discounts for Children

3.1 Children below the age of 12 years enjoy variable discounts on any safari. Savings can be made from each safari activity and each accommodation, as different rates apply for kids. Arrive Africa will communicate such discounts to families/groups traveling with children of 12 years and younger. Please note that children discounts are subject to the terms and conditions of the hotels/accommodations and any safari service providers.